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Own your dream vehicle with our easy vehicle loans for new, pr-eowned or leased vehicles. EFT provides vehicle loans for a period of 6months to 3 years. Loans are available for Cars, two- wheelers and commercial vehicles.

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New Vehicle Loan

As the name suggests, a new vehicle loan can be used to purchase a brand new vehicle straight out of the showroom.

We offer new vehicle loans that can be tailored to suit your budget, offering loan terms of 1 year to 3 years. New loans are available for most makes and models of vehicles in the market up to the value of $20 000.

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Second Hand Vehicle Loan

Whether you are browsing websites such as CarSales or Gumtree, Facebook marketplace, a private seller or a even a dealership to find your used car, EFT Capital can assist you with a second-hand vehicle loan.

Once you have your loan pre-approval, you can find your vehicle with confidence, agree on a sale price and then let us know the details of the vehicle you’d like to purchase.

Car Loans Online

EFT Capital have easy repayment options for your new or used vehicle. Our quick application process makes it simple to get approved in minutes so that you can drive away with your dream car today.

Plus, we offer flexible terms that fit into any budget, so you’ll be able to make weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments that are affordable for you without having to worry about going over budget on your purchase.

With our competitive rates and great customer service, there’s no reason not to apply now! Get started by filling out an online application right here on our website – it only takes five minutes.

With our quick approval process, we make buying that dream car possible today. Get started by filling out an application online. It’s fast, free, and secure, so what are you waiting for? Apply Online

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New Vehicle Loans Online

The process of getting a loan for a new vehicle can be tedious and time-consuming. You must go through the entire application process repeatedly with different lenders until you find one that will give you the loan terms you need at an affordable rate.

Our team has extensive experience in the industry, making it easy to get approved for loans on any make or model of vehicle. We’ll save you all the hassle by taking care of everything from start to finish so that all you have to do is drive away in your dream car.

Get in touch with us or apply online!

Second Hand Car Loan Online

Getting a loan for second-hand vehicles has never been easy. Banks, finance companies and the like are very stringent in their lending policies, making it hard to get approved for a vehicle loan if you have bad credit. The good news is that we can help you with our second-hand car loans even if you have bad credit or an existing default on your record.

EFT Capital is here to help you find your second-hand car loan so that you can buy the right car at the right price. We have been serving Australians for years and understand their needs when it comes to financing vehicles. Our expertise in this area will ensure that we provide our clients with an affordable solution within their budget and requirements.

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Apply For A Car Loan Online

At EFT Capital, we understand buying a car is one of the biggest financial decisions many of us will ever make, besides buying a home.

There are a bunch of things that you will need to think about and remember before you can commit and put your car loan to good use, but don’t worry we’re here to help.

There are plenty of things to consider when choosing the right lender-that’s why we’re here to help! We make looking for car finance a bit easier by offering car loans 100% online.

Our vehicle loans offer you the option to purchase privately or through a registered car dealer. It might be time to upgrade your existing vehicle or purchase your first one, either way we assist and make it an easy process. Apply online or give us a call on 1300 722 744

Have Your Finance Secured Rapidly Without Stress

Once you have decided on whether a new or used vehicle is best for you and your budget, our team is waiting to handle the rest. With our simple online calculator and application process, you can be assured that financing will be the easiest part of purchasing your new vehicle.

You deserve an easier way to finance your next car or truck purchase, so why not make it with us? With our fast approvals and competitive rates, we have what it takes to get you into the driver’s seat of your dream vehicle today. Apply Online Today!!


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Your repayments are every weeks

The information which you calculate from this calculator is intended for use by you as a guide only. It is not an offer and has no legal effect on any contract entered into by you 'the client'. This simulation and the resulting calculations do not constitute a loan application or offer. The figures and formulae used within this calculator may change at any time without notice. Should you apply for any loan, we will make our own calculations. All repayments are displayed 'are guide only', repayments as a result of this simulation have no legal offerings. EFT Capital accepts no responsibility for any losses arising from any use of or reliance upon any calculation or conclusions reached using the calculator. Information provided on this calculator does not constitute an offer of finance. Any loan request is subject to assessment against normal lending criteria. Fees and charges may apply.

Total you will Pay:

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    Apply For A Vehicle/Car Loan Online

    Submit an application online. Apply Now

    Upload all your supportive documents to your application or you can email it directly to us:

    Documents Needed: 2 payslips,  bank statement upload, copy of driver’s license or passport, medicare card and a utility bill.

    Our loan specialist will review your application and contact you to discuss.

    If approved, loans terms will be provided and contract issued.

    Client to sign contract electronically or manually.

    Funds transfers to your bank account.

    What To Consider When Buying A Second-Hand Vehicle

    Many things can go wrong with used cars and buying one without doing your research could end up costing you thousands of dollars. It’s essential to do your homework before making any purchase decisions. That way, you won’t be caught off guard by hidden costs or other issues down the road.

    The second-hand market is full of great deals and offers. Of course, you can find the best cars at the lowest prices, but it’s essential to have an expert guide you through this process so that you don’t end up with a lemon. Follow this checklist to ensure your vehicle is the real deal:

    1. Conduct a Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) check: This is Australia’s national register for security interests in personal property. With the PPSR, you can search and find out if any security interests are registered against the vehicle, so you know it will not be re-possessed later.
    2. Get a full vehicle history report: With this report, you can be assured that the vehicle has not been in an accident or had bodywork done by a repair shop (or even had paintwork). In addition, all recalls have been completed, and all service records are up-to-date with no outstanding issues remaining unresolved by the manufacturer.
    3. Check the details: Ensure the VIN, registration details and engine number all match. If there are any discrepancies, or the owner will not provide the details, it is not advisable to purchase.
    4. Have the vehicle professionally inspected: You can purchase a pre-owned vehicle with confidence by taking it to a reputable mechanic for a full pre-purchase inspection.

    Faq-vehicle loan

    EFT Capital can process a loan for any Individual that meets the below criteria:
    • Over the age of 18yrs old
    • Currently an Australia Citizen, residents or hold a valid working visa
    • Have a bank account that is lined to internet banking
    • Have regular income going into a bank
    • Have at least 90 days of bank statement (we can supply you with a link to easily upload)
    Our loans range from $2000 - $20 000
    EFT Capital’s vehicles loans are fixed rate loans.
    Yes, all our vehicle loans are secured. In most cases we can secured the loan with the vehicle you wish to purchase. Get a personal loan for a car or motorcycle.
    Our vehicle repayments terms vary from 6 months to 3 years. We structure we loan term best suited to your needs and loan amount.
    Yes, We can offer loans to individuals with low credit scores. We can’t guarantee your application will be successful, but can overlook certain things we assessing your request. We will take your whole application into account and try our best to provide you with a positive result.
    The short answer is yes. Individuals have the option to purchase a vehicle through private sale or from a registered car dealer. Loans for used car, new car or a personal loan for car are all available.
    Yes you can. Car loan finance approval can be secured for you to go out shopping for a vehicle. Once you have made your decision, we can pay for the vehicle directly. The vehicle you choose will be subject to assessment.
    We strive to offer same day approvals and settle the contract within 24 hours.
    Yes we do accept application from individuals receiving government benefits. EFT Capital will take good care ensuring you can afford a loan under our responsible lending requirements. There are many other options before applying for a loan:
    Yes, we don’t charge any penalties for early payouts. We encourage any-one to make additional repayments to save yourself interest charges.
    Absolutely yes. We here to assist our existing client for any requirements they might have. Please get in touch without staff to discuss your options.