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What Do I Need To Apply For A Loan?

When applying for a loan online, its important to have all of your documents ready to upload along with your application. This allows us to review your application quickly meaning that if approved, the funds get to you sooner.

We recommend holding the additional documents close by while completing your application:

  • Drivers License
  • Passport
  • Medicare Card
  • Citizenship Certificate (If applicable)
  • 2 Most Recent Payslips
  • Centrelink Income Statement (If applicable)
  • Current Utility Bill
  • Vehicle Registration Document

If you have all of your documents ready, you can apply for a loan online here.


Please note that if you apply for credit with us, or propose to act as a guarantor, we may disclose your personal and/or credit information to, or collect personal and/or credit information about you from Credit Reporting Bodies.

You can find our Statement of Notifiable Matters here.