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The Digital transformation across the globe changed the way we used to work and make the loan processes fast and efficient. With a click of the button, you can not only submit the application but also get your loan approved fast and credited in your bank account.

We are leading a digital, fast-paced life and are equally goal-driven. We are also witnessing a shift in spending habits and a higher preference of Credit to pursue the dreams, passions, and hobbies in people. Now get instant approval loans online with EFT Capital. We are leveraging technology to improve the quality and quantity of services.

So much so, that we are able to provide loans in less than 24-48 hours. So if you are one of the high-spirited people and are looking for a personal loan in Australia to meet your needs or fulfill your dreams, we can tell you how to make it happen in 48 hours!


How Can I Get My Loan Approved ASAP?

Applying for a personal loan when in dire need of funds is a common phenomenon. However, it is also common knowledge that generally, the process of applying for a personal loan takes time. There are requirements to fill, documents to provide, verifications to carry out, approvals to attain and the list goes on. This surely looks like a tedious process.

What if we tell you that you can do your bit to complete the entire process in a few hours? Yes, it is possible.

There are a few deliverables at your end that can speed up the process much before you apply for a loan. If you can proactively be ready with the essentials, the disbursal is not too far away!


Top Tips To Get Your Loan Approved Quickly

Define The Reason For The Loan

  • You need to be certain about the nature of your requirement. Be it a medical emergency or Trip to sponsor; a car breakdown or home repairs.
  • Once the requirement is highlighted, it further helps you understand the amount you would require and for a particular period. This assists you to look for the right loan that will best meet your needs. Also, customised loans may come with flexible repayment suited to your needs and may save you from denting your pockets when you are already incurring huge expenses.


Shortlist Your Options

  • When dealing with debts, you must carry out detailed research on the available loans that could provide you a good amount with a fair interest rate that would suit your requirements. A thorough study always helps.
  • Shortlist the available options, compare the products and terms of service.
  • Calculate the monthly repayments to understand which repayment schedule fits your pocket.


Review The Eligibility Criteria

  • Your Personal loan profile must essentially meet the eligibility criteria of the lender. The criteria does differ from lender to lender, however, most of them imply common parameters for judgment. You would have to comply with the minimum age, salary, employment and credit score parameters.
  • Thus, to magnify your chances of loan approval you must have eligibility checks in place much before you apply for a personal loan online with us.


Keep Documents Ready

  • Likewise, documents that would be required to process your loan application must be kept ready. The details about the required documents will be enlisted on the website of the lender.
  • The commonly demanded documents could be:
    • 2 recent payslips,
    • 3 month bank statement,
    • copy of driver’s license or passport,
    • copy of medicare card or bank card
  • Keeping these documents at your disposal will ensure that you can provide them as and when necessary and will surely help you avoid delay.


If you try and implement these tips before you apply for loan online, you are certainly saving a lot of time and effort that would go in processing the loan application. Your next step to fetch yourself a personal loan would be the application process. Everything has gone digital, financial services included now with apply online

Given you have provided authentic and sufficient information/documents, the loan process should not take longer than 24-48 hours during a business week. Once you have passed the verification process, the personal loan will be sanctioned and your loan amount will be disbursed. Just by following a few simple steps, you can not only speed up your personal loan process but also maximise the chances of approvals!


Please remember that you do need to consider all of your options prior to opting for a loan. To discuss your circumstances, please get in touch with us today!


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