Loan features Our loans: • have an application / establishment fee • charge a monthly fee in some cases, or where an interest rate is charged, we have a fixed interest rate for the term of the loan • allow you to choose between weekly, fortnightly, or monthly repayments • permit you to make extra or increased repayments, so you are able to pay off the loan more quickly than the contracted term • have loan repayment dates which can be aligned to coincide with the dates on which your pay is deposited to your bank account to minimize the risk of declined payment requests When we will take security for repayment of the loan We will ask for security under your loan generally where the amount you are borrowing is in excess of $10,000, and in other circumstances we determine in our sole discretion. Examples of worthwhile loan purposes The following examples of worthwhile purposes provided are not exhaustive: • Car purchase or repairs • Travel • Household expenses • Medical expenses • Moving costs • Debt consolidation • Education • Cash shortfall • One-off purchases • Bills • Visa application and renewals Consistency between target market and the product The personal loan products have been designed to suit a wide target market of consumers who require access to funds for discretionary expense items and may not otherwise have savings readily available for this purpose. The loan periods of the personal loan products are designed to be shorter with the intention that the customer is not paying for the loan far beyond it’s expected benefit. These personal loan products have been publicly available to the market since 2007. Historical performance of the product indicates customers have a need to access credit for the purposes listed in the above examples. How we distribute the loan product We distribute the loan product: • Directly to consumers by online application • Through our approved referral partners Distributors We distribute our loan product direct to consumers. We do not rely upon a distribution network however we do accept referrals from approved referrers and lead generators.