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Business Loans

Businesses obtain bank loans with the expectation of utilizing the fund more shrewdly so that it can yield profit.

Contingent upon where and how the loan starts, obtaining unsecured business loans can be hazardously costly, as business loan interest rates and expenses are related with virtually every loan. Organizations can and ought to compute the measure of complete interest that will be paid over the course of loan before accepting one.


$2,000 $20,000
26 weeks156 weeks
Your repayments are every weeks

The information which you calculate from this calculator is intended for use by you as a guide only. It is not an offer and has no legal effect on any contract entered into by you 'the client'. This simulation and the resulting calculations do not constitute a loan application or offer. The figures and formulae used within this calculator may change at any time without notice. Should you apply for any loan, we will make our own calculations. All repayments are displayed 'are guide only', repayments as a result of this simulation have no legal offerings. EFT Capital accepts no responsibility for any losses arising from any use of or reliance upon any calculation or conclusions reached using the calculator. Information provided on this calculator does not constitute an offer of finance. Any loan request is subject to assessment against normal lending criteria. Fees and charges may apply.

Total you will Pay:

When to consider a Business Loan


Your work areas are busting at the creases, and there is no room for your assistant then it's time for you to shift to a better physical location. And if you run a café or restaurant, and have a larger number of customers in and out that are finding it difficult to fit comfortably in your space. Sounds like you've grown out of your early office area.
This is incredible news! It states that business is growing, and you're prepared to extend. Just because you are ready to expand that does not mean you have the necessary amount you need to make it happen. You may require a term loan or instant approval loans online to back your enormous move.
Before falling into any commitment, find a way to measure the expected changes in income that could emerge out of growing space. Would you be able to take care of your loan costs and still be able to earn profit? Utilize a revenue forecast alongside your current asset to check how the move would affect your main concern.
In case you're looking for a large-scale financing for your business in the next few years, the preference will be given to starting with a short-term loan that can build your business credit.
Startups will find it difficult to qualify for larger loans if both the business and the proprietors don't have a strong credit history to report. Obtaining a small business loan and making standard on-time installments will build your business' credit for what's to come.
This strategy may likewise assist you in building relationships with a particular moneylender, giving you an association with a benefit to go back to when you're prepared for that bigger loan. Be cautious here, however, and don’t apply for a loan if you can’t manage. One late installment from your hand on your small business loan could minimize the chances of qualifying for future funding.
Investing in equipment that can improve your business offering is an easy decision for financing. You need specific machinery, IT gear or different instruments to make your product or play out your administration, and you need a loan to financially support that equipment. In addition, in the event that you take out equipment financing, the equipment itself can fill in as collateral for a credit -similarly to a car loan.
Before you take out an equipment loan, ensure you're isolating the real needs from the to-haves with regards to your primary concern. Indeed, your representatives most likely would cherish a margarita machine.
Inventory is perhaps the greatest cost for any business. Like equipment buys, you have to follow the demand by renewing your inventory with ample and excellent choices. This can result in trouble when you have to buy a lot of inventory before accepting a return on the investment.
Particularly in case of an occasional business, there are times when you may need to buy a lot of inventory without the money available to do as such. Slow seasons go before holiday seasons or tourist seasons - requiring a credit to buy the inventory before making a benefit out of it.
So as to measure whether this would be a calculated and wise financial move for your business, make a sales projection dependent on past years' deals around that equivalent time. Figure the expense of the obligation and compare that number with your absolute projected sales to decide if taking an inventory loan is a smart financial decision. Remember that marketing figures can fluctuate broadly from year to year, so be traditionalist and consider various years of sales figures in your projection.
Once in a while, an opportunity to succeed and grow falls into your lap that is simply too acceptable to even consider passing up - or so it appears, at any rate. Possibly you get an opportunity to order inventory in mass and that's too at a discount, or you found a take on an extended retail space. In these instances, deciding the return on investment needs gauging the cost of the loan versus the income you remain to generate through the available opportunity.
In case the possible return on investment exceeds the debt, without any second thought go for it. But always try to be careful with your calculations. Business persons have been found guilty of underestimating true costs or overestimating benefits as a result of over-eagerness. At the point when you're calculating the upsides and downsides, it turns out to be helpful by playing out a revenue estimate to confirm that you are making your decisions on the basis of hard numbers rather than following your gut instinct.
When working at a startup or private company, you wear a ton of caps. However, there comes while doing the accounting, fund raising, advertising and client support may begin to wear on you - and your business. If your little group is doing an excessive number of things, something will in the long run become lost despite a general sense of vigilance and can hamper your plan of action.
A few organizations decide to put their cash in their talent, accepting that this is one approach to keep their business competitive and inventive. This can be an incredible move, if there's a reasonable connection between the hiring decision and an increase in revenue. If having an additional set of hands around encourages you to focus on other crucial aspects of business then there is no harm in opting for a small business loan

The Five Components of A Small Business Loan

Small business loan are pretty straightforward, but there are five important components that you need to be aware of:


This refers to the total amount being borrowed

Interest rate

The rate (%) at which you will repay your loan to the lender


The length of your loan

The length of your loan

How frequently you must make your repayments ie, daily, weekly, monthly

Fees or charges

Additional expenses you must pay on your loan. Your lender should always be upfront about the charges.

Why Choose EFT Capital for Your Small Business Loan?

At EFT Capital, we provide you with the best of both worlds. We offer both secured and unsecured small business loans, but they also take place on a short term basis, with terms of 6 months-3years. We offer loan amounts of $2000 to $20000 giving your small business the quick injection of cash it needs to thrive.

As a small business ourselves, we know just how valuable and limited your time is, which is why we also offer a fast and simple application process that can be completed online within just minutes. Once approved, your funds will be deposited the following business day, helping you to put it to good use ASAP.

Business Loan with EFT Capital

Loan amount Secured options Loan term
$2000 – $10 000 Unsecured or secured 6 months to 3 years
$10 000 – $20 000 Secured only 6 months to 3 years

Get Loan for:

Working Capital

Fitout & Renovations

Marketing expenses

Business expansion

Purchase inventory

Lease funding

Purchase equipment

Cash Flow shortfall

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Upload all your supportive documents to your application or you can email it directly to us: Documents will be 2 payslips, 3 month bank statement, copy of driver’s license or passport, medicare card or bank card

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If approved, loans terms will be provided and contract issued

Client to sign contract electronically or manually

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EFT Capital can process a loan for any Individual that meets the below criteria:
  • Over the age of 18yrs old
  • Currently an Australia Citizen, residents or hold a valid working visa
  • Have a bank account that is lined to internet banking
  • Have regular income going into a bank
  • Have at least 90 days of bank statement (we can supply you with a link to easily upload)
  • We provide personal loans in Australia, consolidation loan, vehicle loans in Australia, unsecured business loans, small business loans and debt consolidation loan.
Our online application process should take you no longer than 10 minutes. Once we’ve received your online application is, we’ll make sure a staff member process it within 24 hours. In most cases you will have an answer within hours. Online instant loans and online cash loans are available subject to lending criteria.
Yes we do accept application from individuals receiving government benefits. EFT Capital will take good care ensuring you can afford a loan under our responsible lending requirements. A cash loan on centrelink income can be discussed with a friendly team member if you unsure about your eligibility There are many other options before applying for a loan:
Yes, our business loan interest rates are competitive. We will need to prove your income by obtaining a 3 month bank statement.
Yes, but we will need to proof that you are earning a regular income from an Australian employer. EFT Capital is a friendly student loan company that assists with loans for student.
Unfortunately no, whilst you under any debt agreement we won’t be able to assist. If you have been successfully discharge we will be more than happy to accept an application
Yes, we provide consolidation loans for bad credit. Consolidation loans for bad credit and personal loans for bad credit Australia can be discussed with one of our friendly staff.
Yes, as a responsible lender we will preform a credit check. EFT Capital assist people that have bad credit or no credit rating at all. We current use the below Credit reporting body:
Fees and interest are subject to a full assessment being conducted. Our friendly staff member will be able to provide you with repayment amounts once an assessment has been completed. Our interest rate compare extremely well against other private lenders in the market.
If you are a new client there is good chance our team will contact your employer to verify your employment. We will be very discreet and not disclose any personal information about your loan application.
Our loans range from $2000 - $20 000 Please note all loans over $10 000 will have to be secured by a motor vehicle. If we are unable to provide you with the loan application you requested, we will look at offering you a reduced amount. A further explanation will be required to ensure the reduced will be suitable for your needs.
Absolutely yes. We here to assist our existing client for any requirements they might have. Please get in touch without staff to discuss your options.
Our friendly staff member will contact you as soon as a decision has been made. We can then discuss the terms of the offer.
Once we have got confirmation you have signed our loan contract, funds will be transferred directly to your bank account. In most case the funds will clear your account instantly.
Yes, we don’t charge any penalties for early payouts. We encourage any-one to make additional repayments to save yourself interest charges.
Applying with EFT Capital is completely free. If we can assist you with your finance request, a staff member will notify you and answer any further question you might have.